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Rosenblatt Presents
All New Beef & Lamb Sausages


Empire kosher Presents
Marinated Turkey Half Breasts


A.D. Rosenblatt Presents
"Vaad of Queens" Bulk Lamb Special


Hod Lavan Presents
Turkey Specials


Solomon's Glatt Kosher Presents
Fully Cooked Turkey Breasts


West Side Kosher Presents
Poultry Order Form


Empire Kosher Presents
Chicken Sausages


West Side Kosher Presents
Hod Lavan Turkey Bacon


West Side Kosher Presents
Empire Kosher Marinated Chicken Parts


Of Tov Presents
Fried Poultry Products


West Side Kosher Presents
Lower East Side All Beef Frankfurters "Cocktail Size"


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 Welcome to Westside Kosher!!    

  • If it's Kosher, you'll find it here! Westside Kosher Foods is a full-service kosher foods distributor catering to retail deli's, butchers, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and institutions alike. A supplier of kosher beef, veal, lamb and poultry, Westside Kosher Foods is a trusted source of high-quality kosher meats. Westside's product line also includes a great selection of kosher deli and dairy products, kosher frozen foods and kosher specialty products. Here at West Side Foods, we constantly update the range of products available, and aim to provide high quality products, competitive pricing, and reliable service and support to you, the valued customer. Our commitment to upholding strict kosher standards and providing the best kosher products helps us continue to exceed our customer's expectations.

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    • Westside Foods began in 1947 as a small family run business. Since then we have expanded to an 80,000 square foot refrigerated facility in the Hunts Point Coop Market. Our state of the art computerized warehouse management system coupled with our real - time truck tracking and driver communications make us the Metro area's most efficient perishables distributor.

    • Our primary mission at West Side Foods is to work in a unique partnership with our valued customers. Unique because we strive to provide quality products and services that exceed our customers expectations. West Side Foods exemplifies the highest level of integrity through pride in our employees, our suppliers, and our customers. We work continuously and tirelessly to improve all aspects of our business as we provide our customers with a level of professionalism above reproach!

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    Antibiotic-resistant E. coli more frequent in kosher chicken: study 

    • Kosher raw chicken was twice as often found to have antibiotic-resistant E. coli as conventional chicken in a study funded by Northern Arizona University.

      Researchers screened E. coli isolates from 213 samples of raw chicken drumsticks purchased between April and June 2012 from 15 retail outlets in New York City. The chicken was purchased from supermarkets, butcher shops, specialty stores and food distributors.

      The samples were marketed as conventional, organic, kosher and raised without antibiotics under multiple brands. The E. coli isolates were tested for resistance to 12 common antibiotics.

      "Kosher chicken had the highest frequency of antibiotic-resistant E. coli, nearly twice that of conventional products, a result that belies the historical roots of kosher as a means to ensure food safety. These results indicate that production methods influence the frequency of antibiotic-resistant E. coli on poultry products available to consumers," the study authors concluded.

      The frequency of antibiotic-resistant E. coli tended to be only slightly lower for chicken raised without antibiotics, they said. Organic chicken was found to be statistically indistinguishable from conventional products that have no restrictions.

      Across the entire data set, resistance to cefazolin was most common (41.3 percent), followed by ampicillin (31.5 percent), tetracycline (30.4 percent) and ampicillin sulbactam (19.6 percent). Some resistance was detected for cefoxitin, (12.5 percent) and gentamicin (10.9 percent).

      The research was presented at a meeting of the Society for Microbiology in May.

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